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Loveless Adjusta Depth™ Shoes

Why Are Adjusta-Depth Shoes So Comfortable?

Each has a special patented 3-layer insole:

  • So they can be adjusted to a perfect fit and the customer insoles provide maximum comfort!
  • Great for orthopedic problems such as: diabetes, hammertoes, arch pain, falling arches, metatarsal pain and flat feet!
  • Also for those who stand all day long or need extra comfort.
  • You can feel the difference!
Government Gets Discounted PRICES And Free Shipping!
Not made in China! All These Shoes are American or American Friendly Made!
The Triple Layer gives maximum comfort, adjustment, and support.

Color: Black
Sizes: 8 to 15
Widths: Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Extra-Wide

"Casual Athletic" Style With Comfort Sole Velcro (L-00V) Or Lace (L-000)

"Triple Velcro Boot" With Extra-Deep Toe Box (L-2434V)

"Military Dress" Style With Padded Collar Velcro(L-1016V) Or Lace (L-1016)

"Work Boot" Style With Padded Collar Lace Up (L-2434)

"High Top Boot" Style Extra Padded Collar Velcro(L-4400V) Or Lace (L-4400)

Composite Toes and Safety Shoes

"Low Quarter" Composite Toe (L-1016 C)

7" Tall Composite Toe (L-2434 C)

9" Tall Composite Toe (L-4400 C)

EVERY PAIR comes with extra-deep toe boxes and our patented 3-layer adjustable inlays.

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