George Bush Norman Schwarzkopf

Our reputation has spread by word of mouth from one satisfied customer to the next, building into over 8000 active clients. Many of our well known clients have visited our beautiful Leather Showroom in Oklahoma City, and refuse to wear anything but Loveless footwear on their feet. Some names you may recognize are:

  • President George Bush
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • NFL's Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw
  • NFL's Hall of Famer Mel Blount
  • NFL's Craig Bradshaw
  • NASCAR's Bobby Allison
  • NASCAR's Derek Cope
  • Kentucky Derby Winner Kent Desormeaux
  • U.S. Congressman Don Young (Alaska)
  • U.S. Congressman Ron Marlanee
  • Reverend Kenneth Copeland
  • Reverend Rod Parsley
  • Reverend Jesse Duplantis
  • Reverend Daniel Schaeffer
  • and many more...

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