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Many of our customers need custom leg braces or supports related to polio, stroke, trauma or other disabilities. However, we take great pride in making footwear that meets our patient's medical needs and look good as well. Our goal is to make cosmetically attractive orthopedic devices, and offer our clients many styles and colors to choose from. We even have a patent on an AFO leg brace actually hidden inside the boot. We offer hundreds of styles to choose from that can be attached to any of our custom braces. Our custom shoes have aloud many of our clients to get rid of their old, clunky, unattractive orthopedic shoes, and be proud of what they can wear in public.

Eighty year old Gentleman with leg brace. Demonstrates correction of extreme curve laterally.

Without brace and correction with brace

Customer following a stroke. Brace demonstrates correction of 45 degree medial and posterior offset.

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