CAD/CAM Orthotics

Our CAD/CAM carver and patented scanning system have placed us far beyond the competition. We are the only facility in the U.S. with the capability to scan the patient's entire foot, ankle, and leg with a true 3-D digitized scan. This cutting edge technology allows us to manufacture a truly custom orthotic that is within .1 millimeters accurate! Many local physicians will only perform surgery while wearing our custom orthotics. And because we manufacture them on-site, the base cost is only $200.

Custom Arch Supports

We also make 3/4 length dress shoe orthotics, diabetic insoles, and other specialty supports. We fulfill all doctors scripts and provide a free consultation when you send your patients to our facility. Our consultation may include measuring for an elevation, Pedorthics exam, footwear examination, or leg brace evaluations. If our clients require a doctor's expertise or follow up, we gladly refer them to back to their physicians.

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