We can provide our customers with both attractive styles and orthopedic corrections necessary for their individual problems.

But you're not limited to the styles you see on this website. We can make many different styles to suit your tastes.

These shoes are more that 5 sizes difference inside. We masked the difference with an internal filler so the shoes appear the same size on the outside.
Zipper dress boots with 2" inside elevation to accommodate a difference in leg length. Made with light weight materials and very attractive.
Hiking boots size 34 which is 19 ¾" long. Made for a 16 year old who had not been able to wear typical shoes since he was 11.
Full Quill Ostrich vamps and Kangaroo tops with inside elevation cosmetically designed.
Moccasin Toe Kangaroo with mismate sizes and inside elevation.

Other Style Options

Three eyelet plain-toe dress chukka boot
Buckle plain-toe dress chukka boot
Moc-toe buckle dress shoe
Brown Cape Buffalo hiking boots
Nine inch lace, padded collar work boot. (For more like this see Adjusta Depths)
Six inch plain toe, hiking boot. (For more like this see Adjusta Depths)

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