1. We take an orthopedic mold of your right and left feet along with circumferential measurements. This information gives us a 3D image of your individual feet. We then, build the footwear around these measurements giving you the perfect fit.
  2. We construct a non-allergenic, heat-sensitive, orthopedic inlay which is heated to 250 degrees from your molds to ensure a perfect fit. Every intricate part of your feet is contoured inside your footwear. Then the highest quality materials are used to construct the style of shoe or boot you have chosen.
  3. Finally, we offer our customers the freedom to choose from hundreds of styles and exotic skins. You choose the toe, heel, style, colors, and any other characteristics you wish to add to your footwear. We can even duplicate a style from a photograph or sample shoe.

If you are looking for comfort, quality, and attention to detail you will find it with Loveless Custom Boots and Custom Shoes.

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